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The world is changing. Generations of sailors follow one another and their dreams evolve. Our raison d’être is to constantly imagine, to make your dreams come true. Our aim is to build boats. It was time to innovate. We formed a team, talked about lifestyle, sailing, anchoring, watersports, seakeeping qualities, interior living space and materials, the first sketches followed, the EXCESS brand was born.



Setting sail today is the result of new approaches and desires. We wanted to create a brand with an assertive and qualitative personality, a brand that breaks the codes of traditional sailing. EXCESS embodies sportsmanship and modernity. We wanted to leave behind habits and codes, give life to new atmospheres. The design team has imagined boats with a strong personality: sophisticated, balanced and refined.



Buying a catamaran should no longer be restricted to choosing between comfort and performance. We have reinvented the whole sailing experience. The twin helm station aft, the vision and sensations it offers, the rig, the hulls, life on board, the materials, everything has been designed to suit this new lifestyle on the water. An EXCESS is a modern, aesthetic, efficient boat, in line with your vision, your needs. We wanted a catamaran that suits you.

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